As times change, people now have forgotten the sacred cave where they worshiped their gods and goddesses. After other gods and goddesses left, the faint light from the flower held by the last goddess illuminated her face and her tear in the dimness. + Enlarge
The Forgotten Goddess 2020 Digital (Photoshop)
It is a little town held by a giant. One day, their moon started melting and caused a shining flood. + Enlarge
The Meting Moon 2021 Digital (Photoshop)
In the forest, a human with wings raises his right arm, and birds come out from his body and fly away. + Enlarge
Flying Birds 2021 Digital (Photoshop)
In the darkness, the golden tear of the Venetian mask brought a little light. + Enlarge
Her Golden Tear 2021 Digital (Photoshop)
A monk holds a candle to light up the mural, and he sees the goddess and clouds painted on the wall gradually become three-dimensional. + Enlarge
The Mural 2020 Digital (Photoshop)
It is a burned painting with broken frames that depicted a wandering minstrel singing under the tree and attracting the noble ladies in the castle. + Enlarge
The Wandering Minstrel 2020 Digital (Photoshop)

Since I was a child, I have been interested in the concept of "I." For years, I tried to define who "I" was or what "I" was from my own perspective. I found the answer from my dreams. In my dreams, I either have different identities, or I was made of various substances. I could be a person or an object.

I recorded and adapted my dreams and illustrated this series as a process of self-discussion to visualize my answer: "I" is a kind of spiritual existence.

Illustration (BFA) Students