Undergraduate Majors

Drawing Curriculum

Total credits required for a BFA in Drawing: 120.0

If a Studio and Humanistic Studies major, a minor in the Liberal Arts, or the MAT preparatory curriculum is chosen, the total credits would be 126.0.

The below degree plan is for the 2019-20 academic year.



Course #


First-Year-Experience Requirements
Art Matters AH 100 3.0
Frameworks: Themes in Humanistic Studies HMST 101 3.0
Forum I FF 111 3.0
Forum II FF 112 3.0
Drawing: Tradition and Innovation FF 161 3.0
Drawing: Contemporary Practices FF 162 3.0
Choose one course from the following Color/Design category
FF 120A 3.0
Color/Design/Pattern FF 120B 3.0
Choose one course from the following Form/Space category
FF 130A 3.0
Body/World/Machine FF 130B 3.0
Choose one course from the following Systems/Time category
Haptics and Optics
FF 140A 3.0
Cartographies FF 140B 3.0
First-Year-Experience Elective   3.0
Liberal Arts Requirements
Modernism and After AH 201 3.0
Art History Elective AH 9.0
Humanistic Studies/Literature Elective (any level)   3.0
Humanistic Studies/Literature Elective (300 or 400 level)   3.0
Intellectual History I -IH1 3.0
Intellectual History II -IH2 3.0
Theory -TH 3.0
Science/Math NSCI 3.0
Academic Electives (or Writing Workshop, if required)   6.0
Drawing Major Requirements
Introduction to Drawing DR 220 3.0
Life Drawing DR 252 3.0
Studio Drawing DR 298 3.0
Junior Independent Drawing DR 320 3.0
Senior Thesis I FA 498 6.0
Senior Thesis II FA 499 6.0
Professional Practices for the Visual Artist PD 455 3.0
Drawing Electives DR 6.0
Painting Electives PT 6.0
Printmaking Elective PR 3.0
Studio Electives   6.0

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