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Time Lapse:
Annual Benefit Fashion Show

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Time Lapse: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

This year's Annual Benefit Fashion Show presents an opportunity for viewers and participants to discuss the elements of evolution, an endless process in the developmental growth and adaptation over time, continuing through natural order. Time Lapse also allows student-artists and designers to expand on ideas and events of the past, discover how they reoccur in the present, and predict patterns of the future. It is a chance to re-interpret historical themes and evolving fashion.

Proceeds from the 22nd Annual Benefit Fashion Show help support students involved in diversity programming and scholarly pursuits through the Office of Diversity & Intercultural Development, which sponsors the show. The event is one of many ways MICA continues to provide comprehensive diversity programming that supports the students' academic and social needs.


Jeremy Cain '15 (General Fine Arts BFA), Carly Carlock '15 (General Fine Arts BFA), Caroline Creeden '16 (Fiber BFA), Erin Dowd '17 (Fiber BFA), Camille Hallin '16 (Fiber BFA), WuQing Hipsh '16 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA), Ashley Lian '17 (Fiber, Humanistic Studies BFA), Kevin Lowenthal '16 (Fiber BFA), Sarah Middleton '17 (Fiber BFA), Skylar McCormick '16 (Interactive Arts BFA), Ursula Populoh '15 (Fiber BFA), Arooj Qamar '16 (Fiber BFA), Sebastian Ruiz '18 (Architectural Design BFA), Jesse Satterfield '15 (Fiber BFA), Cindy Stauffer '15 (Fiber BFA), Molly Sydnor '15 (Fiber BFA), Luca Tanaka '18 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA), Leslie Xia '15 (Graphic Design BFA), Hennie Yeh '15 (Graphic Design BFA) and Kat Zotti '17 (Fiber BFA).

Director: Molly Sydnor
Assistant Director: Natovian McLeod '15 (General Fine Arts BFA)
Graphic Designers: Amadeus Guchhait '15 (General Fine Arts BFA), McCormick and Xia
Media: Winston Frazer '16 (Painting BFA) and London Zhang '17 (Painting, Graphic Design BFA)
Production: Stella Lee '16 (Fiber BFA) and Khadija Adell '15 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA).

Behind the Scenes

See more Week of Fashion videos: mica.vidcaster.com/fashionshows


MICA Community Show
Friday, April 10, 9 pm;

General Public Show
Saturday, April 11, 8 pm;


Brown Center: Falvey Hall
1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.


$15, students;
$20, general public;
(MICA Community Show: $7, students; $12, faculty and staff; $20, guests);
available at the MICA Store (1200 W. Mount Royal Ave. and store.mica.edu);
limited tickets will be sold at the door;