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Ursula Populoh '15 (fiber) - Pilgrims to the Stars

Ursula Populoh

Pilgrims to the Stars is more than just a name; it has a very special meaning for me. From childhood, my mantra has been "Per Aspera ad Astra" which translates roughly into "Through hard work one may reach the stars."

Space, Stars and the science of it fascinates me. There was one unforgettable moment during a month long walk in the North of Spain in 2011. I walked in the early morning darkness and saw the Milky Way overhead. I stood there in awe.

The walk is a well-known pilgrimage, called the "Camino di Santiago di Compostella." As a coincidence, the "Compostella" in Santiago di Compostella translates into "Field of Stars." During this walk I celebrated a very important anniversary and also made the decision to apply for college.

I am still a pilgrim, a pilgrim on the walk through life and still aiming for the stars.