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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Luis Rivas '15 (fiber) - HexenHammer

Luis Rivas

The research for HexenHammer began with women who came to economic power during the late fifteenth century in medieval Europe and the ‘witch hunts' and trials that soon
took place across the continent. In the spirit of those times, Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger published the Malleus Maleficarum (the "Hammer of the Witches") in 1487 as an extensive guide to identify and convict ‘witches.' What resulted of this mass hysteria was the persecution and execution of thousands of women who had risen up against the tyranny of men.

HexenHammer is a collection outlined in epicene militarism, a synthesis of both tailleur and flou dressmaking. In metaphor, this is an Amazonomachy: a clash of grecian draping, bias-cuts, and rigorous, structured tailoring. The line is characterized by its languid sensuality and exquisite attention to bespoke craftsmanship. HexenHammer is a covenant of techno witches from another world and time—the Venusians, the sibyls of antiquity, known only through the whispers of legend.