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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Lo Ashford '16 (fiber and graphic design) - WOLF PACK

Lo Ashford

WOLF PACK is a lively line about new growth from within a forced structure. I am interested in the dichotomy of the powerful individuality and pack strength we experience while transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Wolves are strong individual creatures, but also loyal pack members with equal immediacy. I am interested in personal volition of, and pack pressure on, the blossoming adult. The ‘pack' is the generational peer group we are all a part of, an undeniable super ego force in all of our maturations to adulthood.

Formally, this line consists of hand silkscreened fabric and vinyl. The transparent vinyl embodies the structures within which we define ourselves; the pack pressure, the "right" and "wrong" as defined by our youth, the limits we believe exist. The vibrant patterns energetically articulate the potent brink of fabulous individuality that we are dancing on as emerging adults.