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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Kellen Savannah Johnston '14 (general fine arts) - Metamorphosis

Kellen Savannah Johnston

My line, Metamorphosis focuses on insects' life cycles as a metaphor for the more subtle human changes and stages of life.

Each garment in Metamorphosis is inspired by a different insect: honey bee, Virginia tiger moth, jewel beetle, blue morpho butterfly, cicada, red dragonfly, and arctiid moth-and focuses on the attributes of the insect. I have a strong interest in materiality, both as is applies to using more traditional, yet decadent materials such as silk dupioni, velvet, organza and fur, as well as an attraction to more unconventional materials including human hair, animal bones, porcelain teeth, taxidermy, and insect parts. My collection is designed to draw in the eye with rich colors and lush textures, and yet retain an unsettling, malevolent, and slightly repellant undertone. I feel that this mimics the typical human reaction to many insects. All people go through a kind of metamorphosis—less flashy than the insect world, but more profound.