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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Harry Trinh '16 (interactive arts) - Through the Pavement

Harry Trinh

Against all odds, vegetation still can conquer the urban jungle. It only takes a crack in the pavement to allow something to grow within confined spaces.

We see it everywhere in our daily lives, in the faint background of our busy days. But have you ever taken a moment to marvel at the idea that life is growing against all odds? Mother Nature is still stubborn yet hopeful that her land is still hers. We should embrace the idea of man and nature working with each other. "Weeds in the street let the city breathe."

With this collection, I want to highlight the visual balance of structure verses organic, and how each element works within each other's boundaries to create something that neither can create by itself. The floral (beaded) element is the meshing of the two, highlighting the delicate nature of plants as well as the structural element of man's creations on Earth.