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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Evyn Fong '14 (fiber and illustration) - Somebody

Evyn Fong

There exists a magical middle ground between garment and costume. Though the two are both "clothing," garment is what you wear and costume is what you become. My thesis is a clothing brand that revolves around the idea of the garment having a sense of identity. If there were a form of clothing that could allow the wearer to slightly change who they are without being forced to act and portray an entirely different person, I believe that it would change and elevate the way we view fashion and style. As MICA's first double Fibers and Illustration major, I am using my thesis to pave the way and create an entire lifestyle brand that explores the whole other world between garment and costume. My hope is that the wearer will see in the garment he or she chooses, something they wish to make part of themselves.