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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Erin Scott '16 (interdisciplinary sculpture) and Jenna Macy '16 (interdisciplinary sculpture) - Orli

Erin Scott and Jenna Macy

Lochem ha'or portrays the war between the spirit and flesh that we as women of faith continually wrestle with. The Hebrew term, meaning "warrior of light," conveys the idea that light serves as the chosen armor or weaponry of one in battle. When surrounded in light or truth, the darkness which compromises the reality of our original purpose and beauty, is cast out.

Lochem ha'or consists of seven light sculptures that serve as armor, that  have been paired with seven translucent garments, representing frailty. The juxtaposition of the hard exoskeleton with skin-like garments presents our worldview of how pure Light exposes our powerless, fragile frames, while displaying the light of our Creator's mystery and beauty before men, which
transforms us from the inside out. As we gaze upon Light, we are recreated and empowered, becoming like mirrors, which fend off the darkness that once convinced us to come into agreement with our lightless minds and fearful hearts.