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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Eliza Vlasova '14 (fiber) - Multiplicity

Christy Chong

My collection of garments and jewelry titled Multiplicity stems from my interest in understanding why certain patterns, textures, and geometric principles re-occur in all living forms and their influence on architecture. Nature organizes itself in patterns that rely on symmetry, web-networks, and fractal scaling to create resilient systems that support growth. These organic systems of connectivity are present in our anatomy, nature, and architecture, and have been essential in creating balance between chaos and order.

Making this collection helped me understand how repetition of naturally occurring geometry creates a sense of unity between our bodies, architecture, and nature. My cast jewelry shows biomorphic qualities as it is carved without a plan, only guided by a subconscious influence of these ideas. Looking at Gothic architecture, which is built upon the principles of complexity and resilience, inspired several surface designs, silhouettes, and sculptural jewelry pieces within my collection. They connect the body to the space, while everything naturally finds its place within this system.