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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Christy Chong '14 (general fine arts) - More than Mundane

Christy Chong

Christy Chong is a Senior General Fine Arts major bringing her skills as a fine artist into the garment making process. She has discovered a way to transform material and combine her love for fashion and fine art in a way that blurs the barrier between the two realms. She mixes fiber, painting, drawing materials and techniques to create the aesthetic of her garments and accessories, which depict the everyday moments of her personal narrative. These moments include her memories, experiences, and relationships with people, places, and environments. When these ordinary details that tend to be overlooked are embellished onto her sculptural garments and accessories, not only are they given more of a significance and relevance, but the artist's presence is also being marked. The visual translations of these details then allow the familiar and habitual to become more than just mundane.