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Student Designers

UNMARKED: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Albert Kim '14 and Alejandro Robledo Mejia '16 - Kim Roblejia

Albert and Alejandro

Our bikini fashion reflects pop culture and merges tattoo and minimalistic design. We think of the human body as a walking canvas and the bikini as decorative painting. The abstracted imagery on the bikini comes from the Fashion show theme of Unmarked. We translated the definition of the unmarked to a visual image that can be transformed from the distance. It is difficult to distinguish the image from a distance and until you get closer to see what it may appear to be, you cannot fully grasp the roses, skull, and parts of the female face, etc. The work primarily focuses on reinforcing female figurative structure. We strive to create an energetic and erotic thrust of the female form in order to create a powerful sexual attraction.