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Student Designers

Participating artists each present their own unique visions, claiming fashion should be recognized as a cultural phenomenon, not just a few voices speaking for an industry. As a student-driven event, R.I.P. V.I.P. demonstrates young artists are a crucial part of the discussion.

Michelle Kim ’13 (fiber) – airyatlas

About Michelle

Michelle KimMichelle Kim currently lives in Baltimore but is originally from the suburbs outside of Washington D.C. A senior fiber major with a concentration in experimental fashion at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Michelle is pursuing her love of fashion design and interest in sculpture. She drapes and drafts her own patterns to create specific silhouettes seen in her garments.

About airyatlas

X-rays and the concept of looking inside the human body inspire the ethereal garments in airyatlas. Sheer silks, like transparent layers of skin, are built up and off the body, intertwined with thicker fabrics and crocheted materials. Combined with experimental draping, seam lines and stitching, these garments become abstract topographical maps of the body's interior systems. Investigating the relationship between the interior and exterior, between representation and abstraction, Kim has created a series of fluid, organic garments that appear to pulse or breath when in motion.

Work by Michelle Kim

  • Work 1 by Michelle Kim
  • Work 2 by Michelle Kim
  • Work 3 by Michelle Kim