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Student Designers

Participating artists each present their own unique visions, claiming fashion should be recognized as a cultural phenomenon, not just a few voices speaking for an industry. As a student-driven event, R.I.P. V.I.P. demonstrates young artists are a crucial part of the discussion.

Jordan Matthews ’13 (fiber) – Swank

About Jordan

Jordan MatthewsJordan Matthews was born and raised in Baltimore City where she found a love for art at an early age. She entered the Maryland Institute College of Art as a Photography major, but quickly switched to Fibers and Experimental Fashion after taking one class. Upon finishing her degree in May, Jordan plans to pursue her passion for garment and textile design. To see more of her work visit www.Jordan-Matthews.com

About Swank

Focused on a sense of joy and originality, Jordan Matthews worked intuitively to develop her collection, Swank. She allows her personal mark and aesthetic to show through on each of the garments by hand drawing and painting her own prints on fabric. Each piece is uniquely embellished and cannot be reproduced. Through the set design and music made for the show, as well as the people chosen to wear her clothes, Matthews creates a context for the garments that allows her work to speak about identity, exclusivity and belonging.

Work by Jordan Matthews

  • Work 1 by Jordan Matthews
  • Work 2 by Jordan Matthews
  • Work 3 by Jordan Matthews