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Student Designers

Participating artists each present their own unique visions, claiming fashion should be recognized as a cultural phenomenon, not just a few voices speaking for an industry. As a student-driven event, R.I.P. V.I.P. demonstrates young artists are a crucial part of the discussion.

Hayley Martell ’13 (fiber) – THird Generation

Hayley MartellHayley Martell formed a cult, The People, as a response to her own research on the nature of elitism, the allure of belonging and the power of the group on the individual, as well as the social anxieties caused by these behavioral stigmas. Consisting of 13 members—including a 90-year-old leader, La Martelle—the group strives to challenge the connotations associated with its existence. After a year spent together during private meetings and public happenings, the audience of R.I.P. V.I.P. will witness the group’s final sacrifice. By mocking the system, The People contradicts itself by becoming that which it is critiquing and consciously risks the possibility of becoming too involved in its own hyper reality. Architecture, weaponry, crop circles and the debate over high versus low craft influenced the clothing and accessories in THird Generation. Lost wax casting, woodworking, crochet and metalsmithing were utilized to fully realize the ceremonial garb the members wear.

Work by Hayley Martell

  • Work 1 by Hayley Martell
  • Work 2 by Hayley Martell
  • Work 3 by Hayley Martell