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Student Designers

Participating artists each present their own unique visions, claiming fashion should be recognized as a cultural phenomenon, not just a few voices speaking for an industry. As a student-driven event, R.I.P. V.I.P. demonstrates young artists are a crucial part of the discussion.

Camille Pateau ’13 (fiber) – To Cloud Kingdom!

About Camille

Camille PateauCamille is a senior Fibers major with a concentration in Experimental Fashion at Maryland Institute College of Art. Camille has loved comics and cartoons (of any kind) from a young age. Her work has always had an air of fantasy and fun fueled by this fascination. She became interested in the world of fashion in high school and has grown more and more involved once in college. This year she found a way to marry her two great passions in life by hand-making a collection of haute-couture garments heavily influenced by cartoon/comic book characters from her childhood.

About To Cloud Kingdom!

Camille Pateau has loved comics and cartoons from a young age and became interested in fashion in high school. In her collection, she marries these two passions by hand making a collection of haute couture garments heavily influenced by eight comic and cartoon characters that left a lasting impression on her, including Misty from Pokémon, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Goku from Dragon Ball and Spider-Man. Pateau takes these characters and reinvigorates them by incorporating their clothing and personality into the design. With this collection, Pateau is attempting to capture and give to those who will view the collection the fantasy that still holds on to her today. Her line is about the fun, drama and action, but also how Pateau has made these characters grow up with her as she matures as an artist.