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Student Designers

Ex Tempore showcases garments that link styles and trends across generations. As vintage fashions and ideas influence new and dynamic styles, clothing is reborn. By placing their creative mark on this moment, these designers are both redefining and influencing the wearable across time.

Roz Carlos ’14 (general fine arts) – Seduction Noir

There are certain subjects considered taboo to speak of, among them death, our fears and sex. On the rare occasions these subjects are mentioned, it is with fearful, hushed whispers or nervous giggles. Paradoxically, we unconsciously seek that which we fear the most, and there is no greater example of this than sex. Sex and the relationships that it creates are a necessary and healthy part of life—but this act is also used to fill in the holes, the aftermaths of traumatic events that we consciously and unconsciously perceive in our lives. Roz Carlos’ line seeks to explore gender roles and evoke reaction and analysis of each viewer’s attitudes on sex. Leather and metal have long been associated with sexuality and sensuality, a delicate balance, a play of soft and hard, and a reflection of our own inner struggle.