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Student Designers

Ex Tempore showcases garments that link styles and trends across generations. As vintage fashions and ideas influence new and dynamic styles, clothing is reborn. By placing their creative mark on this moment, these designers are both redefining and influencing the wearable across time.

Natovian McLeod ’15 (general fine arts) and Ronesha Davis ’15 (fiber) – A La Moda

Transforming their past experiences into three-dimensional designs, Natovian McLeod and Ronesha Davis have come together to create a fashion line that clearly demonstrates their differences, and at the same time embraces the beauty in both their personalities. The line reflects how McLeod is more about structure and Davis is more about flow, thus creating two distinct collections that are different in colors, patterns and materials. Taking inspiration from 1940s high fashion and their own personal life experiences, their goal is for the audience not only to feel the artists’ emotions and personal characteristics just by looking at the clothing, but to ultimately be able to embrace their personalities.