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Student Designers

Ex Tempore showcases garments that link styles and trends across generations. As vintage fashions and ideas influence new and dynamic styles, clothing is reborn. By placing their creative mark on this moment, these designers are both redefining and influencing the wearable across time.

Luis Rivas ’15 (fiber) – Spectral Suggestions

Cybernetic angels, otherworldly ambassadors, crystalline princesses—Spectral Suggestions is a collection of unique garments. Taking cues from mineral textures, mid-century fashion and science fiction archetypes, the line is an exploration of form and craftsmanship. This collection is about illusion: familiar silhouettes that further define the female figure are created in unconventional, although very wearable, textiles. Fashion is a transformative process, for both the wearer and the piece of clothing at hand; it is a celebration of form and culture. Spectral Suggestions is an amalgamation of several cultural references and time periods—some real, some imagined.