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Student Designers

Ex Tempore showcases garments that link styles and trends across generations. As vintage fashions and ideas influence new and dynamic styles, clothing is reborn. By placing their creative mark on this moment, these designers are both redefining and influencing the wearable across time.

Karen Feliz ’14 (fiber) – Glory

Glory is a celebration of the generational effect. It is a line created in homage to Karen Feliz’s late great grandfather, Antonio Abraham Feliz. The artist noticed that all her uncles, aunts and cousins carried pieces of Antonio Abraham that were passed on from the former generation. It was not until his passing in 2009 that Feliz realized his teachings were the medals of honor her family members all carried. Inspired by the modern day United States Marine Corps uniform, Glory tells us a story about the gifts we all leave behind for someone else to embrace and utilize.