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Student Designers

Ex Tempore showcases garments that link styles and trends across generations. As vintage fashions and ideas influence new and dynamic styles, clothing is reborn. By placing their creative mark on this moment, these designers are both redefining and influencing the wearable across time.

Demi King ’12 (fiber) – King

King is a conceptual clothing line aiming to push ideas of individual expression. The collection is built on the belief that wardrobes support the possibilities of character specificity, and each wardrobe should be tailored to fit each individual. The work is a celebration of personal interests and a reinterpretation of classic garment design. The textile and pattern design serve as a vehicle to celebrate one’s own distinctive charisma as it is used to cover the body. By repeating the image of an object or texture on garments, wearers outwardly express the compulsion to feel connected with what they are exhibiting. The garments themselves respond to the anthropology of fashion by limiting the style to clothing that has been seen across various cultures or social statuses. The development of the new patterns and design ideas breeds a sense of perpetual innovation that will continue to empower the individualist.