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Annual Benefit Fashion Show

April 7-8, 2017

Color is an integral part of the way we perceive the world. It leaves lasting impressions on the way we act and feel. Clothing, like color, has the power to affect the way we view others through structure, material and silhouette. An inseparable connection between the two creates dynamic conversations about how we understand each other.

Hueman, the 24th Annual Benefit Fashion Show, is a showcase of some of these conversations. With 20 lines made by 26 designers, it's an event that presents the influential nature of color on the body, encouraging the audience to reflect on color's impact on society, incorporating ideas such as race, gender, sexuality, and emotion.

Proceeds of this event will help support students involved in diversity programming and scholarly pursuits through the Office of Diversity and Intercultural Development, the main sponsor of the show. This event is one of many ways MICA continues to provide comprehensive diversity programming that supports students' academic and social needs. The Annual Benefit Fashion Show brings the MICA community together to celebrate amazing work created by talented artists and designers.

Director: Ashley Lian

Assistant Director: Briana Arrington


Courtney Banh, Megan Beck, Calvin Chang, Mubtasin Zaman and Joe Donatelli, Chas Druin, Alex Dukes, Diana Eusebio and Shelby Slayden, Aura Evans, Gina Fulton and Chelsea Lozano, Margaret Garrison, Grayson Gross, Nikki Hendricks, Bokeum Jeon, Julia John, Suwan Kim, Sasha Landar and Alyssa Ziobro, Chelsea Lee and Ayaka Takao, Ellie MacInnes, Babs Weiss, Sam White, and Haylie Zapantis.

Dates and Times

  • Friday, April 7, 9 p.m. (MICA Community Show)
  • Saturday, April 8, 8 p.m. (General Public Show)


Brown Center: Falvey Hall
1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.