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Student Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Office of Student Account Services?

The Office of Student Account Services is located in Bunting Center, Suite 240. Contact Student Account Services by calling 410-225-2356, or via email, studentaccounts@mica.edu. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 pm to 5 pm, and on Wednesday, they are open until 6 pm.

When are the payment due dates?
Payment for the fall semester will be due the first week of August (August 2, 2010). Payment for the spring semester will be due the first week of January (January 3, 2011). Late payments are subject to a 2.5% fee on the balance due.

Where can I send my payment?
Payments can be mailed standard and overnight delivery to:

Maryland Institute College of Art
Student Account Services
1300 West Mt. Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217
Phone: 410-225-2356

Please make sure student information is included on all payments. Please refrain from sending correspondences along with payment. You can email us at studentaccounts@mica.edu.

Can I wire monies to MICA?
Payments can be wired to:

M&T Bank
715 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

ABA Number: 022000046-Domestic
SWIFT Code: MANTUS33-International
Account Number: 070-8413-4
Account Name: Maryland Institute College of Art
Comment Line: Student's Name and MICA Student ID#

What forms of payment are accepted?
You can make payment towards tuition and fees with a personal check, cash, credit card (American Express, Discover, and Master Card), wire, cashier check, or travelers check. Please note that payments by credit card are subject to a 2.5% usage fee.

Does MICA offer payment plans?
Yes, we do. Our payment plan is offered through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Contact them directly at mica.afford.com or call 1-800-722-4867.

What information do I need to provide when making payment?
The student's seven digit identification number located on their MICARD should be provided when making a payment; this allows Student Account Services to apply your payment to the correct account.

When do tuition and fees increase?
Tuition and fee increases are determined during the spring semester of each year. The increase goes into effect for the following fall semester.

Where have you mailed my bill?
Invoices and statements are mailed to the student's permanent mailing address and go out one month before the payment due date of each semester. Each monthly statement includes a due date. Students are responsible to make any changes to mailing addresses online via the MICA portal. If a student's permanent address changes during their time at MICA, the student will need to file a change of address form with the Enrollment Services, Bunting Center second floor, 410-225-2234.

What is the difference between an invoice and a monthly statement?
An invoice is generated one month prior to the beginning of the semester and lists MICA's initial tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, and optional fees. The payment due date is the college's official date to receive payment in full for the semester. That date is indicated on the invoice. If payment is not made by the due date, the account may incur a late payment charge.

Throughout the course of the semester, the College will send monthly statements to the student's billing address. These statements will indicate any unpaid charges, fines, and fees that have been assessed as the semester progresses. Accounts that have been subject to additional charges, fines, and fees need to be paid in full upon receipt of the monthly statement, also credit balances.

My student has a hold on his/her account, how do I clear it?
The only way to clear a financial hold is to pay the student's balance in full; however, not all holds are for financial reasons. Click on hold notation to check status.

How can I get a 1098-T form for my taxes?
1098-T forms are mailed in January to all students to the permanent addresses of record. The information on the form reflects the payments received, scholarships, and grants posted in the previous calendar year. The 1098T forms are also available online on the Student Service Center website.

All of my financial aid is not on my invoice. What do I do?
Only anticipated loans, grants, and scholarships are listed on the invoice. If all of your student's aid is not listed, please contact the office of Financial Aid to make sure processing is complete. You can contact them at finaid@mica.edu or by calling 410-225-2285.

What if a student still owes payment to MICA?
Students are individually responsible for their financial obligations to the MICA. All students are charged tuition each semester during their academic year at the College. A student whose account is overdue or who is in any manner indebted to the College will be denied the recording and certification services of Enrollment Services, including the issuance of a transcript or diploma, and may be denied readmission until all obligations are fulfilled. Student Account Services may stop the enrollment or cancel the completed enrollment of a student who has a delinquent account or debt. Once the outstanding debts have been paid, the student will need to obtain clearance from a member of Student Account Services before being allowed to register, request a transcript, or receive a diploma from the College. Students who are indebted to MICA after the payment due date may be placed on Financial Leave of Absence after the College has exhausted all collection efforts on the outstanding balance for that particular semester. Students may re-enroll after all balances have been paid in full. Student Account Services may assess all attorneys' fees, other reasonable collection costs (up to 50 percent), and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. Matriculation in the College constitutes an agreement by the student to comply with all College rules, regulations, and policies.

Where is my refund?
Refunds are processed continuously throughout the year for Title IV funds. Federal loan and grant refunds can be requested within 14 days of the day of disbursement. The only exception to this is at the beginning of the term. Refunds for private loans and scholarships are processed upon request. Refunds for over payments are processed upon request but must be submitted three weeks from the date paid to ensure the payment
clears the bank. Refunds for students with Sallie Mae Tuition Pay Plan or PLUS Loans will be made payable to the bill payer or parent. For more information, please contact Student Account Services at 410-225-2356, studentaccounts@mica.edu. Once refunds are requested, they will be held at the Student Account Services and are available for pick up on Friday after 2:00 pm. Refunds can also be mailed upon request.

Does MICA accept third party payments?
Once the initial drop/add period has ended and the initial Financial Aid pay period has been processed, billing will be sent out to funding agencies. We will bill only for those students who have completed authorizations or have submitted letters from third party payers for the current term. The third party billing process defers the student's tuition and fees for only the amount indicated by the third party payer. Students are ultimately responsible for all college costs incurred. An authorization or letter of intent to pay must be submitted each term and must be
received by Student Account Services before the tuition due date. If the authorization or letter of intent to pay for payment does not indicate a specific term or expiration date, the effective period will be for the current term.

The College will not notify the student or agency when authorizations or letters of intent to pay expire at the end of the term or effective date. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that appropriate paperwork is received by Student Accounts Services by the appropriate deadlines each term. Authorization or Letter of Intent to pay for payment may be mailed, faxed or delivered to:

Maryland Institute College of Art
Office of Student Account Services
ATTN: Third Party Billing
1300 West Mt. Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

After the College receives the authorization for payment, the award is noted on the student's account. This information indicates the funding source and allows the college's registration system to process funding and generate third party invoices. If the College receives a direct check instead of an authorization or letter of intent to pay from a sponsoring agency, the College reserves the right to contact the sponsoring agency in regards to any refund back to the student. If the check exceeds the student's current charges, the difference will be returned to the sponsoring agency unless written consent is provided to issue the refund to the student. In order to receive a refund by Friday, a refund request must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday of the same week.

Requirements for Third Party Sponsors
The financial guarantee sponsorships agreement will only be accepted if it is typewritten on sponsor letterhead or official purchase order, or if the tuition assistance form or voucher is addressed to Student Accounts Services. Please have the following information included on the agreement and keep in mind the following stipulations: Payments must be unconditionally guaranteed and made within thirty days of billing. Payments must be made directly to MICA in U.S. dollars backed by a U.S. bank. Bank handling charges must be included in addition to the billed amount. A sponsor with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated. Please note that students should be aware that they are responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring agency.

Students can receive an individual Schedule and Invoice upon request. Students must complete the third party authorization form and submit it to Student Account Services by the semester's first day of class. Sponsor payments made directly to a student, or sponsor reimbursements to a student based on grade, are not considered third party. Students are responsible for notifying Student Account Services of any schedule changes. Questions should be referred to Student Account Services by telephone 410-225-2356, by email studentaccounts@mica.edu, or by stopping by the on-campus office.

College Tuition Savings/529 Plans
More than likely, your state sponsors a college savings plan. They are often called "529 plans," after the section of the IRS tax code that authorizes them. Each state determines the maximum amount you may contribute annually per child. Establishing a 529 Plan is a great way to invest in your child's future. For further information, please consult a financial advisor to see if a 529 Plan is right for you.

This page was last updated on 06/29/2016.