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Your MICARD is much more than your official college I.D. - it's your passport to life at MICA. You'll use it for everything from dining on campus to checking out books at the Decker Library to accessing buildings around campus. Your MICARD will also provide you with student discounts at movie theatres and on goods and services provided by local merchants.

Students may set up a Flex Account, which will allow for purchases of art supplies, books, food, and services on campus using their MICARD. The MICARD flex/debit card can be used at the MICA College Store, Meyerhoff House dining facility, Café Doris, Java Corner, Gateway Café, post office, Art Tech Center, Decker Library, and all vending and laundry locations. Flex account balances are carried forward each semester until a student leaves MICA.

What is a MICARD?

A MICARD is your official college identification card and is used to access campus buildings and studios. You can also turn your MICARD into a campus debit card, which we call a Flex Account, to provide you with purchasing power on campus.

How do I obtain my MICARD?

A MICARD is created at the Campus Safety, located at 1212 Mt. Royal Avenue. Please provide a high resolution picture that is suitable to use on your ID card. If you do not have a picture you would like to use, the Campus Safety can take one of you. Further information including making arrangements to set up a MICARD creation appointment can be made by contacting Campus Safety at 410/225-2355 or email campussafety@mica.edu.

What is my MICARD ID number?

Your MICARD ID number is a seven digit number beginning with 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, etc. that is printed on the number above the barcode on your MICARD.

Contact Information

MICA wants you to have the purchasing power to make your educational experience a great success. If you have any questions about your MICARD flex account, you can call the Student Account Services at 410/225-2356 or email studentaccounts@mica.edu.

This page was last updated on 08/10/2016.