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Flex Account

Students may set up a Flex Account, which will allow them to purchase art supplies, books, food, and services on campus using their MICARD. The MICARD flex/debit card can be used at the MICA College Store, Meyerhoff House dining facility, Café Doris, Java Corner, post office, Art Tech Center, Decker Library, and all vending and laundry locations. Flex account balances are carried forward each semester until a student leaves MICA.

The minimum amounts for adding money to your Flex Account in person are $20 for payments of cash or check and $50 by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express). Students who go online to MICA GET to place funds 24/7 can add money in selected amounts ranging from $10 to $800.  Overpayments from loans or scholarships that exceed the amount of tuition, fees, and housing may also be transferred from a tuition account to a Flex Account.

You can view your Flex Account transaction activity by visiting MICA GET - Account at https://get.cbord.com/mica. You can sign in with your MICA username and passwords or make a deposit as a guest without logging in. Statements will normally be available no later than the following business day. Transaction information may also be released to parents/guardians upon written request of the student. If you have any questions concerning your Flex Account, please contact Student Account Services.

How Do I set Up My Flex Account Online?

  1. Go to MICA GET. If this is your first time using the system, look for the "Not Registered? Click here to sign up!" to enroll.
  2. Click on the sign-up link and fill out the required information.   
  3. When creating your My Card account, please make sure you enter two leading zero before entering your MICA student ID number, listed just above the bar above the bar code on your ID card. In total your ID number should be 9 digits long. For example, "000123456". 
  4. After filling out the online form, click "Submit".  You will then be sent an email asking you to confirm your enrollment. 
  5. Once you confirm your enrollment, your account will be activated for you to use!

Flex Account Refund Policy

Balances will be carried forward from year to year, provided that a student remains enrolled. Graduates in good financial standing will have any Flex Account balance automatically refunded within 90 days after graduation. If a student in good financial standing withdraws, they may request a refund of their balance, provided that they have filed the appropriate withdrawal or leave of absence form with the Registrar.

The refund will be issued within 90 days if no outstanding balance is due on a student's account. If a student has a remaining balance on his or her student account, Flex funds will be used to cover that balance and any remaining money will then be refunded. A student may request a Flex Account refund once per semester. The request must be for one hundred dollars or greater and the refund will be in the form of a check. Cash refunds are not provided. Funds deposited in a MICA Flex Account are non-transferable.