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Internship and Professional Development Courses List

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Course # Course Title Credits
EX 405 Exhibition Development Seminar 3 credits
In this final semester of a two-semester seminar students will install the spring exhibition previously planned by the class in fall semester. Additionally, students will implement all educational, community outreach and public programs. Prerequisite: Fall - Exhibition Development Seminar, Part I (AH 405) Note: EX 405 is a studio elective in your major.

Prerequisite: Enrollment in AH 405 during the fall semester

INT 402 Internship 1-6 credit
Internships are required for Photography and Video & Film Arts majors and Curatorial Studies concentrators. However, many departments recommend internships. To complete an internship for credit through the Career Development Office, students must submit a learning contract by the add/drop deadline for the semester he/she is receiving credit. The Career Development Office does not place students in internships; however, they can assist in securing an internship. Please contact the Career Development Office for more information. Students must submit a learning contract. See the Career Development Office for more information.
PD 350 Business Intelligence 3 credits
This course will cover key responsibilities, processes, and practices that an artist or designer should understand regardless of their business practice. The course will provide an overview of the structure and practices of nonprofit, social, and for-profit organizations. Students will gain an understanding of foundational business concepts and practices, such as entities, taxes, budgeting, contracts, production and service models, marketing, and pricing, as well as learn how to develop a basic business framework. Additional topics that will be discussed in this course include insurance, intellectual property, negotiations, and financing.
PD 455 Prof. Pract. for Visual Artist 3 credits
3 credits. Staff. Offered Fall, Spring. This course focuses on career preparation and development for visual artists. It presents a wide variety of professional tools and business skills including subjects such as goal setting; professional ethics; portfolio basics and imaging strategies; writing cover letters, statements, and proposals; exhibitions in galleries, museums, and alternative spaces; self initiated projects and exhibitions; networking and public relations; applying for grants and residencies; applying for internships, jobs, and graduate schools; and locating helpful resources. The course includes and requires weekly lectures, practical exercises, guest speakers, field trips, studio visits and attendance at Career Development Workshops.