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Carl and Linda Day Clark

Clark's work highlights the beauty of ordinary people from the community in everyday situations.

BFA, Photography

Class of 1986, 1994

“People can live their daily lives and still benefit from works of art.” 

Carl and Linda Day Clark, who met at MICA while studying photography and later married, both bring art to communities that might not otherwise be exposed to it. "I make portraits of people who walk up and down the street," said Carl '86. "Poor people don't have portraits of themselves. They're unable to see themselves. I give them Polaroid portraits."

Linda '94 produced a series called The Beauty of North Avenue that highlights everyday people on the busy Baltimore thoroughfare. "We love to make art in the community, and we find ways to teach and do workshops about art in the community," Linda said. The Clarks also look for unusual places to show their art. For example, some of Linda's work that had left a solo show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is now hanging in a local barbershop. Her views reflect those of many MICA heroes engaged in community art. "People can live their daily lives and still benefit from works of art," she said.