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The Painting Department is distinguished by both tradition and rebellion. The program celebrates the development of strong painting and drawing skills, an exploration of old and new forms (representational and abstract, 2D, and 3D), and an appreciation of independent, personal expression and risk taking. The student is introduced to a wide range of both traditional painting conventions and more contemporary methods and forms.

The department's curriculum is generous, varied, and attuned to the individual needs of its majors. Painting electives represent a wide array of artistic experiences ranging from figure and landscape painting options to courses that address subjects such as the poetics of materials, personal narrative, visual music, collaboration, performance, and installation art. Additionally, the department encourages students to explore other disciplines through an expansive number of studio electives. The number of painting and studio electives built into the degree plan exceeds the number of electives offered by any other department, thereby allowing painting majors great freedom in their course offerings. Non-painting majors also will find a variety of courses that aid in their pursuit of personal expression.

Interaction with our many accomplished faculty and visiting artists and critics through individual and group critiques is an important aspect of our program and creates a sense of community, high energy, and professionalism. Poets, writers, and filmmakers visit critiques and give their special perspectives.

The sophomore painting program (not a required program) provides the first planned opportunity for independently determined painting explorations. It also offers a "home base" for the sophomore painting major. One junior independent painting class is required for painting majors, although many students opt to take this course both semesters of their junior year. This program establishes the tone of personal research and experimentation that leads directly to the year-long senior thesis. Painting majors participate in the senior independent with majors in drawing, printmaking, and general fine arts. During their junior and senior years some qualified students work in loft-style independent studio spaces assigned by the department on a competitive basis.

This page was last updated on 04/28/2017.