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Studio Concentration - Interactive Arts

A concentration in Interactive Arts addresses the needs and interests of students from other majors to study and develop a basic understanding of how to integrate interaction into their personal art-making practice. To achieve this goal, the Interactive Arts concentration offers core courses, supplemented by student-selected electives that build technical and conceptual skills, while establishing historical and critical contexts for interaction and media in various forms. A wide range of electives is available for students to choose a direction that best meets the needs of their chosen major.

Requirements for the Interactive Arts Concentration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
IA1: Creative Coding IA 215 3
Robotic Arts: Intro IA 277 3
Choose three from the following:
IA2: Interactive Installations IA 255 3
IA3: Fab Lab IA 351 3
IA4: Project Studio IA 395 3
Interaction as Art IA 210 3
Virtual Reality for Artists IA 317 3
Peabody and MICA Collab Studio IA 330 3
Subtotal 9
Total Credits for the Interactive Arts Concentration 15