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Game Arts Studio Concentration

The concentration in Game Arts will provide students with an understanding of the influence and potential of games within society, with a focus on their enormous ability to educate, critique and function as an art form. The curriculum will facilitate development of a critical language to evaluate games and play, expand the student’s use of drawing and painting into digital realms, and increase understanding of narrative and storytelling.

The Game Arts concentration consists of 15 credits, with students required to take two introductory courses: Game/Play and Concept Art. The remaining three courses will be chosen from a list approved by the coordinator. The concentration has two main areas of focus: Game Art and Game Design. The Game Art courses will focus on the conceptualization and production of game assets, while Game Design courses will focus on the theory and development of game systems.

Requirements for the Game Arts Concentration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Game/Play IA 225 3
2D Game Design IA 305 3
Choose three from the following:
2D Game Studio
3D Game Design IA 312
3D Game Studio
Level and Narrative Design
Designing 3D Levels and Worlds
TableTop GameStudio
Virtual and Augmented Realities IA 320
Subtotal 9
Total Credits for the Interactive Arts Concentration 15

To find out more abut game arts at MICA, visit games.mica.edu.