Interactive Arts

Interactive arts majors learn how to integrate art with technology, build robots, make games, work with mobile technology, and create sound art, all in a variety of media and materials. Through a process of creative inquiry based on learning by doing, students become comfortable with new and emerging technologies and prepare for careers in the field of interactive design or as fine artists who work with interactive media.

Interactive Arts students begin their studies with core courses that serve as pre-requisites for all upper level classes—freeing students to select their own path through the majority of our offerings. Interactive Arts complements its digital/software/hardware curriculum with fabrication courses (including open source 3d fabrication) that provide a basis for integrating the handmade with the digitally programmed. Each core class is supplemented with specialized coursework in games, sound art, and robotic arts.

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Interactive Arts Students at STEIM in Amsterdam

Sound Art students and concentrators, Sasha de Koninck, Shawn Cook, Andrew Scotti, Tyler Tamburo, Faith Bocian, along with Interactive Arts/Sound Art faculty members Jason Sloan and Erik Spangler visited STEIM [STudio for Electro Instrumental Music] in Amsterdam for a week-long residency over Spring Break. Through workshops with STEIM staff and independent work in the studio, the students developed their own electronic instruments that they used in a public performance at the end of the week. An excerpt from the final performance can be streamed here.


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