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Sequential Art Concentration

Sequential Art is an art form that uses images placed in sequence for graphic storytelling or to convey information. The best-known form of sequential art is comics, (comic books and comic strips), which are a printed or digitally reproduced arrangements of artwork and text (generally in the form of word balloons and captions).

The Sequential Art Concentration utilizes the specialization and expertise of current full- and part-time faculty and recognizes the achievements of current students who are working for major publishers and winning awards. The concentration also strengthens institutional ties to organizations in the field like the Baltimore Comic-Con, Small Press Expo, Museum of Comics and Cartoon Arts, and the Toronto Comics Art Festival.

The Sequential Arts concentration is open to students from all majors and does not require any prerequisite coursework or knowledge. For more information please contact the Program Coordinator, Jose Villarubia (Illustration Department).

Requirements for the Sequential Art Concentration (15 credits total)

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Required classes
Sequential Art IL 272 3
Advanced Sequential Art* IL 372 3
Reading/Writing Graphic Narratives CWRT 410 3
Pick two from the following 6
Studio Rmx: Storyboards IL 203
Studio Rmx: Narrative Color (Digital) IL 203H
Character Design IL 228
Narrative: Words and Pictures IL 230
Digital Illustration IL 238
Hand Letters IL 254
Book Illustration IL 266
Advanced Character Design IL 328
Fantasy Art IL 333
Advanced Digital Illustration IL 338
Advanced Book Illustration IL 366
Pre-Production AN 345
Character Animation AN 364
Storytelling and Mythmaking PT 310
Personal Narrative PT 372
Illustrative Print PR 222
Narrative Strategies PH 375
Narrative Filmmaking I FILM 237
Narrative Filmmaking II FILM 337
The Art of Sci Fi Production GFA 324
Moving Pictures GFA 332
Themes and Narrative GFA 340
Response to Cinema GFA 390
Typography I GD 201
Typography II GD 221
Graphic Design 3 GD 300
Graphic Design for Games GD 315
Motion Graphics GD 368
Generative Typography GD 405

*Capstone: In order to finish the concentration the students will have to complete (write/draw/color/letter) an artistically accomplished and engaging visual narrative. This will consist of a printed story, completed, at least 20 pages in length, and will be completed within the Advanced Sequential Art course.