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Kayla Bickers

Why did you choose MICA illustration?
Choosing a school for me while in high school proved to be a bit difficult. I knew I wanted to be an illustrator even when I was still really young, so that determined that I would need to attend a school that had a great illustration department. A lot of schools that I applied to that were near me, didn’t have a program that seemed as impressive as MICA’s so after a process of elimination of other schools that I applied to I ended up here.

What are the most important things you have learned from your MICA experience?
MICA has surely taught me a lot of things, not only in regards to my art but also to developing as a person/artist. Firstly, I learned to never follow trends, especially artistically, when you develop your own style or way of working, you stand out in very pleasing way that you can be proud of. I learned to never try to please anyone except yourself. Yes, critiques are important and you want to impress your instructors and fellow classmates and future employers, but you tend to get more out of people when you make work that you WANT to make. And finally, I definitely learned that procrastination never pays off, to make my craft my first priority, and to never take criticism too personally.

Tell us a little about your work and professional successes.
Currently, I have been receiving a steady stream of commissions in creating various posters for bands and events around this area. Poster work is predominantly what I enjoy doing, along with comic work. I also am currently working on a full length comic and a ton of concept art relating to the comic that I am hoping to have completed by the end of this summer so that I can have it published. In addition to this, just all the positive feedback from fellow comic artists asking for collaboration, bands wanting me to design products, and other professionals who notice what I have done on social media is a huge plus.

What is your greatest achievement?
I think just managing to make it this far, seeing how much I’ve improved, seeing how much my confidence in my work has grew, making connections, and making work I’m proud of are definitely my personal achievements.

Words of advice for underclassmen?
Keep working hard, always strive to be better, and don’t procrastinate on your work (often) but at the same time always make sure you make time to have enough time to have fun. If you procrastinate on your work, it will show during class time, and if you never gave yourself a break, that will show as well. Lastly, find a solid medium.