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Jen Rizzo

Jen Rizzo picture


Class of 2013

“I do not think you can be a successful artist or designer if you cannot motivate and excite people around you. Yes, we spend hours alone in our studios, untouched by the world, and make beautiful, successful pieces of art. But it is the artists themselves that have to inspire the people to be enthusiastic about whatever vision we are trying to display.” 

For Jen Rizzo '13, there is no greater feeling than serving a larger purpose by contributing to the community. She believes that she, in fact, helps create that community by organizing people with common passions. As a resident assistant, Jen Rizzo must help other students manage their work-life balance.

The job, which she likens to interning, has helped motivate her to be a leader in addition t o being an artist. She has learned how to work with a large group of diverse people and excel in highly stressful situations. She has also grown her communication and time management skills. She believes these skills will prepare her for her dream job as an art director, working with others to solve creative and production challenges.