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Ian Moore

Why did you choose MICA illustration?
I transferred from Howard Community College with an Associates Degree in Studio Art into MICA’s GFA department. I loved painting, sculpture, drawing, etc., and tried working with as many different mediums as possible during my first semester. But when given complete freedom in ‘Intro to GFA’, I worked exclusively on my tablet creating what I now realize are illustrations. I was approached by Tony Shore and contacted by Jose Villarrubia to consider joining the Illustration department, and discovered it was the right place for me. 

What are the most important things you have learned from your MICA experience?
Learning how to critique a piece of art is one of the most valuable skills I’ve learned at MICA. It’s easy to say you like someone’s work, but once you figure out what makes that piece of art successful, such as composition, delivering a clear message, or keeping a series consistent and cohesive, you’ll start to make better decisions with your own work.

Words of advice for underclassmen?
Don’t get discouraged if your work isn’t perfect. People who have “natural born talent” usually peek early and don’t progress as much as artists who struggle and develop their skills. Seeing an artist’s progress is more impressive than seeing an artist who makes work with the same level of skill they had in high school. So keep drawing and don’t worry about developing a style. It will come naturally with time.

Tell us a little about your work and professional successes.
I started interning for an advertising agency during my last summer at MICA, and was lucky enough to be hired as a part-time illustrator/designer during my senior year. I had almost no design skills and gained first hand experience designing logos, advertisements, and illustrations. Unfortunately, they weren’t receiving enough assignments for me to work on and could no longer afford to pay me to do busy work. I’ve since started freelancing and illustrated some promotional work for Zetta Elliott’s new book “The Deep”. I’ve also had work accepted into the Illustrators club of DC’s 16th juried show.

What is your greatest achievement?
I would say that I have achieved many small goals that wouldn’t have been possible without MICA. Building the portfolio I have now is one of them.