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Corey Adams

Corey Adams


Class of 2013

Why did you choose MICA illustration?
When I attended Anne Arundel Community College, my drawing professor was a graduate from MICA, she highly recommended that I transfer into MICA's illustration program based on the work that I made in her class.  I had also taken several trips to see MICA's campus before hand and was always really impressed with the work coming out of the department.

What are the most important things you have learned from your MICA experience?
One of the most important things I learned at MICA was how to use different materials that I'd never tried before I had come to MICA.  Before starting the program here, I worked almost completely in graphite, now I work 100% ink and digital.  I've also had the opportunity to learn a lot about the business of illustration and self promoting, which has helped me tremendously with getting my work out there.

Tell us a little about your work and professional successes:
In the summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to intern with local Baltimore Illustrator and MICA alumni Alex Fine.  I had the opportunity to assist on editorial assignments for The Hollywood Reporter, The Washington Post and Chronicle Books. The experience was great because I got to see projects through from start to finish, while also building my personal portfolio.  Over the course of the year I had the opportunity to do a cover for a weekly in Boston, called Dig Boston.  This year I was also lucky enough to get two of my thesis pieces into the Society of Illustrators student competition.  Recently, I was hired as a freelance illustrator for Write Notepads and will start working with them this summer.

What is your greatest achievement?
Getting my work into SOI for sure.  Up until my senior year I haven't felt that comfortable with my work.  But now, after figuring out a way that I want to work and draw, I feel much more confident about my work, which is a great achievement to me.

Words of advice for underclassmen?
Just work hard, hard work pays off, theres no other way around it.  Be professional, learn how to reach out to professionals and art directors. Being able to communicate well with people in a professional way can take you really far in life.

To see more of Alex's work, visit his professional links: 

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