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Alexander Kuhn

Why did you choose MICA illustration?
I had a rather difficult time when it came to deciding where I wanted to go to college. Having attended an art magnet high school, I found myself somewhat burnt out by the end of it. When I got to MICA I saw how different art and design could actually be. Between the faculty and other student work it was not at all difficult for me to decide upon Illustration as a department upon beginning my freshman year here.

What are the most important things you have learned from your MICA experience?
I think the most important things I have learned at MICA are the values of concept and critique. Nothing is better than strong, intelligent thinking, especially in the field of Illustration. It is all about smart ideas and peers who are not only able to point out their flaws but make suggestions for their improvements. One should be afraid of offering criticism, after making your own work it's your second job.

Tell us a little about your work and professional successes:
Although I have interned at Charm City Cakes, I would have to say that my true successes (if you can call them that) would be work I have done for Baltimore Magazine, Monkton based Millstone Cellars and some stuff that has become viral on tumblr. Millstone Cellars sells handcrafted artisanal ciders and meads (the closet location to MICA where one can purchase these beverages is the Wine Source in Hampden). In September a series of illustrations I made of the members of Mystery Inc. gained notoriety on tumblr and eventually lead to a short article being written on me over at Comics Alliance in addition to some other posts on websites and blogs.

What is your greatest achievement?
I would have to say that the greatest achievement of my life so far is getting through the last four years of school. Thinking about it all in retrospect it is quite a feat.

Words of advice for underclassmen?
Work hard, think a lot, get absorbed by your own concepts, don't be afraid, have fun. If you're not enjoying something then you should not be doing it, while the completion of a prompt is important, if you know you're not into it, complete it and move on to the next thing. Always keep yourself busy. Also, senior year does go by extremely fast, it's insane.