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Illustration + Humanistic Studies

Total Credits for the BFA in Illustration + Humanistic Studies: 126
The below degree plan is for the 2016-2017 academic year. Existing students should use MyMICA or contact their Advisor to get a personalized degree plan.

Foundation Requirements: All students must complete the following requirements.

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Elements of Visual Thinking I FF 100 3
Sculptural Forms FF 101 3
Elements of Visual Thinking II FF 102 3
Painting I FF 150 3
Drawing I FF 198 3
Drawing II FF 199 3
Electronic Media & Culture FF 210 3
Foundation Studio Elective 3
Critical Inquiry HMST 101 3
Art Matters AH 100 3
Total Credits for the Foundation Requirements 30

Humanistic Studies Major Degree Requirements

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Sophomore Humanistic Studies Seminar HMST 220 3
Major Topic Seminars 15
Senior Thesis I HMST 480 3
Senior Thesis II HMST 490 3
Modernism and After AH 201 3
Humanistic Studies Electives ** 12
Art History Elective 9
Total Credits for the Humanistic Studies and Art History Requirements

Requirements for the Major in Illustration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Life Drawing DR 252 3
Studio Drawing DR 298 3
Studio Electives 9
Sophomore year
Illustration I IL 200 3
Illustration II IL 201 3
Illustration Electives IL 200 level 6
Junior year
Junior Illustration I IL 340 3
Junior Illustration II IL 341/390 3
Illustration Electives IL 6
Senior year
Senior Illustration I IL 400 3
Senior Illustration II IL 401 3
Professional Development  for Illustrators I IL405 3
Total Credits for the Illustration Requirement 48

* Menu of approved seminar courses is currently under development, and is subject to change each academic year.

** Includes courses with the CWRT, FLMM, HIST, HMST, IHST, LIT, NSCI, PERF, PHIL, RELG and SSCI prefixes.