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Integrated Humanistic Studies

Eligible Majors

  • Animation
  • Fiber
  • Graphic Design
  • Interdisciplinary Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Film & Video
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • General Fine Arts
  • Interactive Arts
  • Photography

Integrated Humanistic Studies Degree Requirements

The below degree plan is for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. Existing students should use MyMICA or contact their advisor to get a personalized degree plan.

Integrated Humanistic Studies majors must complete the following:

Course TitleCourse No.Credits
Sophomore Humanistic Studies Seminar HMST 220 3.00
Humanistic Studies Electives** 21.00
Senior Thesis I HMST 480 3.00
Senior Thesis II HMST 490 3.00
Academic Electives* 6.00

* Includes courses with the CWRT, FA, FLMM, HIST, HMST, IHST, LIT, MCLT, NSCI, PERF, PHIL, RELG and SSCI prefixes.

** Must include one course with the NSCI prefix.

Refer to major degree plan for additional First Year Experience, Liberal Arts, and Studio requirements. 

Course List

Humanistic Studies courses that will be required for all Integrated Humanistic Studies majors.

First Year Experience

HMST 101 Critical Inquiry

This course asks students to explore the intellectual and aesthetic foundations of their work and the work of others. This calls for a vigorous investigation into the nature, sources, and consequences of personal values (intellectual, moral, formal, philosophical) and such values are invoked in the process of creation and critique. Students are given opportunity to sharpen and extend their ability to articulate their critical responses, both in written and spoken form, reinforcing the essential link between critical thinking and artmaking, and demonstrating the powerfully complementary nature of language as a medium vital to the thoughtful artist.

First Year Experience and Sophomore

HMST 220 On Being Human I

This is the first required class for majors in the Integrated Humanistic Studies. It explores the question of what it means to be a human being through a review of concepts developed by thinkers and writers throughout history and in a global context on the problem of human nature. The goals of the course will be to build the students' analytical reading skills along with substantial experience in research and writing. Readings will include texts in literature, philosophy, history, the sciences, as well as an examination of material productions such as art, architecture, states, and nations.

Senior Level

HMST 480 Senior Thesis: Issues in Contemporary Humanistic Studies I

Fall and Spring of the senior year, will be taught by a single instructor who will serve as the mentor for each student's senior thesis project. The class will also focus on contemporary issues in Humanistic Studies. This will serve as a culmination of work done at the lower levels. The thesis project will begin very early in the fall with a written proposal by each student. Some students will choose research papers; some will choose an integrated project linking their studio work with their academic work. Students should undertake a major project that grows organically out of their three years of experience at MICA as a combined Studio Art + Humanistic Studies major.

HMST 490 Senior Thesis: Issues in Contemporary Humanistic Studies II

Students concentrate on their thesis projects. Class presentations and group critiques will take place as work progresses. All students should work toward a public presentation at the senior show. This can be in the form of a Humanities conference or some other venue developed by the class.