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Graphic design is one of the most powerful art forms of our time. Design is commercial, social, public, and political. It shapes the meaning and impact of books, magazines, websites, CD covers, posters, advertisements, logos, film titles, and countless other media. Everywhere you look, designers are using words and images to penetrate people's hearts and minds.

The graphic design curriculum at MICA is built around a three-year sequence of core design courses. Students should declare a major in graphic design during the spring of the foundation year. The core courses begin in the sophomore year, when students are required to take two sets of paired courses in typography and graphic design. Juniors and seniors continue the core sequences and also have the opportunity to take advanced electives in graphic design and other studio subjects. The department encourages majors to take electives in the fine arts departments. Students who declare a graphic design major after the sophomore year or change their major from another department may need an additional semester or two in order to complete the core requirements, especially since certain elements of the core sequence are offered in either the fall or spring semesters only. Consult with department chairs or advisers about transferring into the graphic design department after the sophomore year.

Note: General fine arts majors may take sophomore-level design studios, advanced design electives, and digital design courses, and may apply those credits toward the GFA core requirements.

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This page was last updated on 05/18/2017.