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Julie Geare

Julie Geare image

BFA, General Fine Arts

Class of 2006

Company: Trader Joe’s

Location: Columbia, Maryland

Position Title: Lead Artist (Crew Member)

Brief Position Description: At every Trader Joe’s location, a team of artists conceptualize, design, and create bold, unique, fun, informative signage. Each sign, mural, and chalkboard is crafted in house, by hand. My job is to maintain an organized, constant stream of communication with our management team, construct and develop ideas, and oversee the production of any and all advertisements.

Favorite Aspect of Your Position: Creativity! Trader Joe’s is a fun-loving business that deeply cares about its employees and customers. Consequently, I am given the day-to-day luxury of creating a lighthearted environment for customers to shop, learn, and simply enjoy. Everyday people gain knowledge about what they’re eating from my research and thoughts, illustrations and drawings; it can truly be a gratifying experience.

Lessons Learned During Your Career: Absolutely the biggest lesson I have learned is how to work as a team while collaborating with loads of different artists. When I was younger, I was never one for group collaboration; tossing my headphones on and droning out to music was more my style. As I’ve become more seasoned in the work world, embracing the ideas of others has developed into a second nature. You can’t do everything yourself, and you certainly don’t always have the best idea or solution. Learning to appreciate and communicate with the person next to you expands your own thought process. It also makes talking to “non-artist” clients a breeze!

How Did You Get Where You Are Today: Hard work, dedication to constant evolution, and a commitment to making money creatively. Upon graduating, I stuck to my goal of finding a realistic, semi-consistent way of maintaining my identity as a creative while making a living doing so. In working for a corporation, I had to learn how to develop my style around the company’s identity without affecting my innovation.

How Did MICA Prepare You For Your Career: MICA gave me a foundation in creative confidence. Throughout my time at the College, I was educated by top notch professors who encouraged and developed my skills and ability to confidently promote myself as an artist.