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Alayna Wool

BFA, General Fine Arts

Class of 2005

Alayna Wool '05 (general fine arts) had received a Women of Peace Award from the Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc., for her photographic documentary Collective Photographic Memory of the Surviving Achi's in Rabinal, Guatemala. In honoring Wool, the organization stated, "Alayna is dedicated to using her talent as an artist to bring peace around the world, even at her own personal risk. Her current volunteer project has been living in a rural Guatemalan village for three years, where she has been creating a photographic archive of the victims of the armed conflict in the town of Rabinal. Her efforts are helping the survivors disseminate impunity and assist with their court cases." The public installation created by Wool is 490 feet in length and contains over 2,000 rescued photographs of victims of the internal armed conflict. She's also created interactive DVDs and a catalog about her work in Guatemala that has been exhibited in museums and schools internationally. Her work was featured in Specialty Fabrics Review in June at was also a recipient of the 2010 Amy Adina Shulman Memorial Fund grant, the 2010 John and Dorothy Missionary grant, and an International Peace Research Association Foundation grant. 

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