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Total Credits for the BFA in Game Design: 120 (or 126 with an integrated degree in Humanistic Studies, or the MAT preparatory curriculum is chosen).

The below degree plan is for the 2017-18 academic year. Exiting students should use MyMICA or contact their Advisor to get a personalized degree plan.

First-Year Requirements

All students must complete the following courses:

Course TitleCourse NumberCredits
Forum I FF 111 3.00
Forum II FF 112 3.00
Color & Design FF 120A or 120B 3.00
Form & Space FF 130A or 130B 3.00
Systems & Time FF 140A or 140B 3.00
Drawing: Tradition & Innovation FF 161 3.00
Drawing: Contemporary Practices FF 162


First-Year Studio Elective 3.00
Total Credits for the First-Year Requirements: 24.00

Liberal Arts Requirements

*One of the Humanistic Studies/Literature electives in the standard BFA degree plan must be taken in LIT (Literature) or CWRT (Creative Writing).

Course TitleCourse NumberCredits
Art Matters AH 100 3.00
Modernism & After AH 201 3.00
Art History Electives AH 9.00
Critical Inquiry HMST 101 3.00
Humanistic Studies/Literature Elective (any level)* 3.00
Humanistic Studies/Literature Elective (300 or 400 level)* 3.00
Intellectual History I and II -IH1 and -IH2 6.00
Science/Math NSCI 3.00
Theory -TH 3.00
Academic Electives (or Writing Workshop, if required) 6.00
Total Credits for the Liberal Arts Requirements: 42.00

Game Design Major Requirements

Course Title

Course Number

Game/Play: Introduction to Design IA 225 3.00
2D Game Design IA 305 3.00
2D Level and Narrative Design IA 306 3.00
Advanced 2D Game Design IA 335 3.00
Game Collaboration Studio I 3.00
3D Game Design IA 312 6.00
3D Worlds and Level Design 3.00
3D Game Studio IA 316 6.00
Game Collaboration Studio II 3.00
Senior Project Studio I 3.00
Senior Project Studio II 3.00
Studio Electives 15.00
Total Credits for the Game Design Requirements: 54.00