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Alexandria Arnopol

Alex Arnopol picture


Class of 2011

Company: Anthropologie

Location: Baltimore Harbor East, Maryland

Position Title: Display Coordinator Brief Position

Description: Making awesome installations, building fabulous fixtures and furniture, and overall working as the store’s beautician. My position is about inspiring the customers and giving them an unimagined experience. There are days when I think to myself, “I cannot believe I am getting paid to do this!”

Favorite Aspect of Your Position: Getting inspired for each upcoming season! I love that before each new season Anthropologie really encourages the display artists to interpret the season in our own individual way and utilize our strongest skills. It is a company that truly empowers artists.

Lessons Learned During Your Career: Having a strong network of peers is essential. Whether you work for a big company or a small mom and pop shop, it is so helpful to have people you can trust. That is what being an artist is all about, collaborating with and inspiring each other! Oh yeah, I guess I also learned coffee is an artist’s best friend... who doesn’t love an overly caffeinated workaholic?

How Did You Get Where You Are Today: I started at Anthropologie as a part-time sales associate, so some of the managers already knew who I was. When the opportunity arose for a position in display, I leapt right at it! I also feel my various internships while at MICA really prepared me for this position. I worked as a teaching assistant, which provided me with the skills necessary to manage my interns; I worked for a nonprofit arts organization, which helps me with the financial and administrative portion of my job; and I worked for a theater company, which built upon my building skills. Every skill I learned, I use on a daily basis. Even if a job or internship seems unrelated, those skills may be necessary in ways you never expected.

How Did MICA Prepare You For Your Career: MICA taught me to be motivated no matter what—even if a display falls off the wall, a fixture breaks, or a customer steals your installation ( happens...), you just have to smile, laugh, and say, “Oh well! That’s okay! Let’s move on, and figure out a solution.” MICA didn’t just teach me to be an artist, it taught me to be a creative problem solver.