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Exhibition Development Seminar

Initiated in 1997 by Maryland Institute College of Art's Curator-in-Residence George Ciscle, MICA's Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS) is sequenced in two consecutive semesters with students from MICA's undergraduate, graduate and continuing studies divisions and from area colleges and universities. The goal of EDS is to examine the curatorial process and explore new ways to engage artists, students, museums, galleries and the Baltimore community. It provides students with the opportunity to be involved with and assume leadership in every aspect of a major exhibition, including research, planning and production. Enrollment in both semesters is mandatory, and the course is a 6 credit requirement toward the 18 credit Curatorial Studies Concentration.


From January 30, through March 15, 2015, the Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS) class will open an art show juxtaposing "Sleeping Children," an original 19th-century marble sculpture by artist and former MICA student William Henry Rinehart, with twelve 3-D performance and video works by contemporary sculptors and interdisciplinary artists. The exhibition will draw vital connections between collaborative practices in contemporary art and traditional methods employed by artists working with teams of artisans in 19th century sculpture studios. Visitors to the show will be asked to reconsider pervasive attitudes regarding artistic originality, the privileged status of fine artists in society, and the relationship between the intellectual content of an artwork and the physical process of its creation.

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Meet EDS's Coordinator of Curatorial Studies, Jeffry Cudlin

Jeffry Cudlin

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