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The discipline of architecture is inherently multifaceted. Spatial, social and cultural considerations frame every project. History, technology and society come together in the design of buildings, public spaces and installations.

An architectural idea needs to traverse several media and converse in 2D and in 3D simultaneously. The student's learning of the inherent multidisciplinary practice of Architecture is at MICA augmented by interactions with allied fine arts and design disciplines, a famous interdisciplinary pedagogy and a spirit of collaboration, creativity and innovation. Architecture is a powerful tool that can change the shape of things and the way we think about them. From day one the Architectural Design student at MICA knows that this is a deeply creative and artistic process.

The discipline of architecture offers an excellent education because of its multi-faceted nature. Students are compelled to consider a complexity of relationships rarely presented by other areas of study. Problem solving at a conceptual, practical and material level is a complex process, the learning of which, creates nimble, precise and thoughtful citizens.The complexity of architecture as a language, and the sophistication required of an architectural designer, prepares students for success in many arenas.

The architectural design program at MICA is organized around 3 themes: spatial and formal, studied through materiality and dimension; social and cultural, studied through meaning and metaphor; and professional practice, studied through research, outreach and practice. Each of the three themes is the focus for each year of study.