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Pre-College in Tuscany Rules and Responsibilities

MICA expects students traveling to Italy to maintain high standards of personal conduct and respect the traditions and culture of the host country. They must also show respect for personal property, the property of Le Puscine, l’Olivastra, and for the rights of their fellow students, faculty, and the program staff. Generally, behavior that reflects good intentions, mature judgment, and respect for the rights of other people are not in conflict with MICA’s expectations. The need for discipline arises when individual or group conduct adversely affects the program or threatens the safety of the participants. Students who violate policies, procedures, and regulations of the program are subject to disciplinary action including warning or expulsion from the program. Such action is not a substitute for civil or criminal proceedings.

All students must be familiar with and observe fully all regulations of the Pre-College Summer Study Abroad Program during their time in Italy. Prior to attending the program, students and their parents are required to sign a Rules and Responsibilities Form.