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Diane Hugé '13

Nourriture + Attachement Affectif / Food + Affective Attachement, Diane Hugé '13

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art

Class of 2013

from: Guadeloupe

"You have to look deep into my work to see the Caribbean influence," explained student Diane Hugé '13 (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art). Born in Martinique and raised in Guadeloupe, both overseas regions of France in the eastern Caribbean Sea, she became fascinated with Haitian painting and began to create art.

"I come from a country that is very macho, so my work is very feminist," she explained, adding that much of her artwork has a feminine quality that gives off a feeling of nature, including using elements of the sea and island shapes in her work.

Here in Baltimore, she's begun incorporating urban found objects in her work, including wires and other rusty objects. But no matter what materials she uses, her work often bridges several cultures. For example, in the work pictured, Hugé explains she made a form out of the bottom of a light bulb, or "da luz" in Spanish, which literally means both "give light" and also "give birth." The resulting forms can be seen as both teat- and shell-like sculptures, both objects with feminine qualities.

Before coming to MICA, Hugé had earned two degrees studying Chinese physical therapy and business and development in France. She believes her studies at the College will help her bridge those degrees, and she hopes to go on to complete her master's in Europe.