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Semester Study Abroad External Scholarships

MICA students with financial aid and scholarships from MICA will be able to use their award (except work study) for their MICA semester abroad program. MICA's Financial Aid office can provide you with more details regarding your specific awards.

Students who do not already receive financial aid should consult with MICA's Financial Aid office to review their options. The Financial Aid office can help you to complete and submit the federal "FAFSA" form in order to apply for financial aid.

International Education publishes a list of external (non-MICA) scholarships for study abroad that you may be interested in pursuing. Click HERE for a pdf of our Scholarship Handout. Follow the links to learn more about each award and to find complete eligibility and application information.  Please be aware that deadlines are early and it is up to you to find out when they are so you can apply.  Early planning is key!

Databases for Study Abroad Scholarships

You may also wish to explore the following databases of study abroad scholarships to learn about additional scholarship opportunities for which you might be eligible to apply.

This page was last updated on 07/20/2016.